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Save new Gmail attachments to Google Drive

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Every time you receive a new email in Gmail with an attachment, Make (formerly Integromat) will save that attachment in Google Drive.
written by Greg Vonf
Greg Vonf

Software used in this automated workflow example

Google Drive


Make (formerly Integromat) will monitor your Gmail inbox for new emails with attachments. When a new email is detected, the attachment will be automatically saved to your Google Drive account.

Detailed explanations

Step by step instructions

  1. Create a new scenario in Make (formerly Integromat).

  2. Select Gmail from the list of services.

  3. Choose the Trigger Module: Watch for new messages in Gmail.

  4. Configure the trigger.

  5. Select iterator module to separate array with attachments to individual attachments.

  6. Select Google Drive from the list of services.

  7. Choose the Action Module: Save a File to Google Drive.

  8. Select where to save the files.

  9. Run the scenario manually or on schedule.

Business use case example

If you receive email attachments often, this scenario can be used to automatically save them to Google Drive so that you can access them later. This can prove helpful for saving for example invoices or bills.

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Save new Gmail attachments to Google Drive with (formerly Integromat)