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Parse JSON from HTTP request ( Basic )

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Parse a JSON file from the output of HTTP module.
written by Greg Vonf
Greg Vonf

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The HTTP module in Make (formerly Integromat) can be used to fetch data from various sources in JSON format. This scenario parses the JSON output from the HTTP module and stores it in a variable for further processing.

Detailed explanations

Step by step instructions

  1. Add a new HTTP module to your Make (formerly Integromat) scenario.

  2. Configure the module to retrieve the JSON file:

URL: enter the URL of the JSON file you want to retrieve.

Method: select GET.

  1. Add a new JSON Parser module to your scenario.

  2. Select the HTTP module you added in the previous step from the drop-down list.

  3. In the JSON Path field, enter the path to the value you want to retrieve from the JSON file.

For example, if you want to retrieve the value of the "name" key, enter name .

  1. Run the scenario.

The parsed value(s) will be available in the Output/Results tab of the JSON Parser module.

Business use case example

You want to retrieve data from a JSON file that is stored on a remote server. By using the HTTP and JSON Parser modules, you can easily retrieve and parse the data you need.

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Parse JSON from HTTP request ( Basic ) with (formerly Integromat)