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Add SuperSaaS appointments to Google Calendar

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Every time a new a appointment is made on a SuperSaaS schedule it will be added to your Google Calendar. If the appointment is later changed or deleted that change will also be propagated to your Google Calendar.
written by Greg Vonf
Greg Vonf

Software used in this automated workflow example

Google Calendar


This scenario will add new appointments from a SuperSaaS schedule to your Google Calendar, and will also update or delete the appointment in your Calendar if it is changed on the SuperSaaS schedule.

Detailed explanations

Step by step instructions

  1. Create a new scenario

  2. Create a new SuperSaaS trigger

  3. Create a new Google Calendar action

  4. Enter the Google Calendar ID

  5. Map the SuperSaaS fields to the Google Calendar fields

  6. Save the scenario

Business use case example

If you use SuperSaaS to manage your appointments and you want those appointments to appear in your Google Calendar, this scenario can be used to accomplish that. This way you can have a consolidated view of all your appointments in one place.

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Add SuperSaaS appointments to Google Calendar with (formerly Integromat)